ORGANIZATION: preparing for the holidays

Holiday season is upon us and with that comes decorating, cooking, and cleaning! This time of year can end up seeming so overwhelming that we miss out on the reason for the season. Hopefully these few easy steps can help lend itself to be an enjoyable time of year with the people you love!  

                                         photos from my best friend Callie Davis' beautiful home, found here. 

                                         photos from my best friend Callie Davis' beautiful home, found here

1. Declutter

This isn’t time to completely clean out & reorganize your house. I repeat: DO NOT try to clean out your entire house before Thanksgiving! It is however, the perfect time to give away old decorations that you don’t want anymore. Time to throw away old ornaments that are broken or you’ve been meaning to fix.  So before you start decorating grab an old Amazon box that’s lying around. As you unpack decorations/move items to decorate set aside items you want to donate or sell. A good question to ask is "will I be excited to put these decorations back up in the spring?"


2. Safety

Before family and/or friends come over for dinner or to stay for a few nights, this is a great time to check on a few items around the house. Are all your light fixtures/lamps working in your guest rooms? Do you have a fire extinguisher in each room? Are your smoke & carbon monoxide detectors working? If you live up north do you have salt/shovels ready for snowy walkways?

3. Bedrooms/Bathrooms

Check on the bedrooms and bathrooms now so you aren’t stressed the day before everyone gets there! Do you have a clean set of sheets for each bed? A towel & washcloth for each guest? Is each bathroom stocked up on toilet paper? Do you have a little tray of items guests might need (ie. Cotton balls, q-tips, and extra toothbrushes)?

4. Breathe

Enjoy this time with family and friends. It is such a gift to be around all the people you love for a while! If hosting is going to be overwhelming and you feel like life is in disarray then what can you do to mentally prepare? Do you need to get a massage? Hire a professional cleaner to clean so you can enjoy being with people? Have your spouse, child, or friend help with wrapping presents? Listen to your body and take those steps ahead of time so that you’re an enjoyable family member/friend/spouse to be around this time of year!


If you need other organizing/cleaning tips for this time of year feel free to reach out through the contact tab and I’d love to help any way I can! 

Walking Trails Around Columbia

As the weather starts to cool off, everyone enjoys being outside more. If the typical morning stroll is getting old then try out one of these trails for a change of scenery!

Picture found here. 

Picture found here. 


1.  West Columbia River Walk: Great place to go walk with the family/dogs. There is also an outdoor amphitheater. 

2.  Riverfront Park: Great place to run along the river. Very flat and a great place to get miles in for running/biking/walking. 

3.  Guignard Clay Quarry Loop Trail: A great trail for a run or walk. 

Picture found here. 

Picture found here. 


4.  Sesquicentennial State Park: There is a dog park and great running/ biking trails. There is also a new splash pad for kids in the summer! You can also rent small kayaks/paddle boats/canoes to take out on the lake. 

5.  Clemson Extension: Miles of hiking and running trails along with some small ponds. This is also where the SC State Cross Country meet is held every fall. 

Picture found here.

Picture found here.

Around Lake Murray:

6.  Harbison State Forest: Miles of trails for running/walking. There are some trails for biking as well. 

7.  Saluda Shoals Park: Off Bush River Road. Boat rentals, dog park, and trails for hiking/biking/horseback riding.

8.  Dreher Island: Perfect place to hike, camp, and fish with the whole family. 

Enjoy getting outside and having fun in Columbia!