FAVORITES: daily game changers

These are 4 things that I use every single day and they have been total game changers in my daily routine!


1: French Press

Every morning when I wake up I make a fresh cup(s) of coffee! It’s a part of my morning ritual and helps set the tone of my day. We don’t have a regular coffee maker because my husband doesn’t drink coffee so I can make it as strong as I would like. Kit got me this beautiful copper French press last year because I broke my previous small one. If you’re dying to have your own try this one or maybe this one. Since I have to take the time to make my coffee with a french press versus a regular drip coffee maker, it makes me slow down and wake up a little earlier. And I always enjoy my coffee because I made it exactly the way I wanted! 


2: Facial Toner Spray

I started using this facial toner about 6 months ago and it has been a refreshing change to my face care regime (and it smells AWESOME). Everyone and their mother is talking about all the chemicals/etc. that are in the skincare products we use. I definitely haven’t done a ton of research....but I did see this has red tea extracts and rose flower water so it can’t be as bad for me as my old Neutrogena harsh facial toner, right? I stumbled across this spray on Grove Collaborative, a small website that sells products that they back. What makes Grove Collaborative unique is that you can sign up for monthly subscriptions to items (similar to Amazon subscribe and save) and you get a discount on organic/safer products that end up being crazy expensive at Target. They also offer free shipping, so how could you not give it a shot!? Shoutout to my friend Anne White who introduced me to them! Here is where you can get yours!

Picture from  Amazon

Picture from Amazon

3: G-2 0.38

WOW. This pen is the best and only pen I use. I know lots of people who have their favorite pens. I was a G-2 0.5 user for the longest time and then some of my friends convinced me to try the 0.38 a few years ago and I’ve never looked back. It writes with the cleanest, smallest, most perfect lines and I won’t ever go back to anything thicker. Enough said. They are really hard to find at Target so I order mine here on Amazon. 


4: O-Ring

This is a LIFE changer my friends. Talk about making everything 3 steps easier. No more searching for your keys through your purse, pockets, or desk. The O-Ring acts as a bracelet and your keys/store tags are all attached! I am a Real Estate agent so I always found myself digging through my purse for a ridiculous amount of time after I would come out of a house while showing clients. Now I just wear my keys and it cuts down our time between showings! Now I can run into the grocery store purse free-I wear my keys on my wrist and credit card in my back pocket. It's also funny to watch Kit try to stuff the whole key contraption into his pocket when were on a date! Here is where you can get one! 

Why not give one of these a shot if you haven't already!?