COLUMBIA: valentines ideas

Valentines day is right around the corner.  Some couples might have planned a date night months ago, others of us might be waiting until the last second! No worries if that is you, you still have plenty of time to whip together a lovely evening for you and your significant other. A few ideas are below and each heading is linked with more details!

Amore Under the Stars

Enjoy a night under the stars at the State Museum! An incredible planetarium experience along with a champagne bar and delicious dinner. You can dance the night away with the DJ and you’ll even leave with your own souvenir champagne flute. Tickets are $35 or only $28 if you’re a museum member!


Fern Studio

Want to wow your special someone with a BEAUTIFUL flower arrangement? Fern is offering a variety of different flower arrangements this year. They are a lovely local florist that will put a special touch on each arrangement. Don’t have time to go pick it up? No worries, for a small fee they will deliver for you!

The Grand Valentines Day Bowl 

If you and your significant other enjoy a little competition, this Valentines challenge could be a great date! This whole week before Valentines day The Grand is holding a little bowling competition. The winner receives a lovely Valentines day dinner at the Grand!


Trader Joes (On Forest Drive)

Trader Joes always has an assortment of flowers pre-arranged for anywhere from $3-$10. They have a delicious featured Rose right now (pictured above). Grab a bottle, some cheese & crackers and make a great spontaneous Valentines day date anywhere! Need some suggestions? You could head to the River Walk or the State House and have a lovely little picnic, weather permitting of course.

Studio Cellar Valentines Class

Studio Cellar in the Vista is offering a class on Valentines day this year! For $95 this Valentines day package includes 2 tickets, 2 canvases, bottle of wine, and sweet treat!


Pure Barre Columbia Bring on the Men

Do you and your significant other enjoy exercising together! Columbia’s Pure Barre studio in Five Points is hosting their annual Valentines day Bring on the Men class! Class is at 6:30pm and you can sign up with the link above.  

Weekend of Valentines Day:

Maybe the day of Valentines day isn’t an option for you this year. Here are some options for the weekend of Valentines day!

Spotted Salamander 5 Course Dinner

The incredible Spotted Salamander located on Richland Street is offering a 5 course Valentines day dinner this year! Their food is incredible and desserts are to die for so this meal will NOT disappoint!

Love Is Love Is Love Cabaret

On February 16 & 17 the Trustus Theatre is performing Love is Love is Love Cabaret! Tickets are $15 or you can get the Venus package for $40 (2 tickets) and you also receive a bottle of champagne! 

Just enjoy time with those you love on Valentines day no matter what you're doing! 

FAVORITES: daily game changers

These are 4 things that I use every single day and they have been total game changers in my daily routine!


1: French Press

Every morning when I wake up I make a fresh cup(s) of coffee! It’s a part of my morning ritual and helps set the tone of my day. We don’t have a regular coffee maker because my husband doesn’t drink coffee so I can make it as strong as I would like. Kit got me this beautiful copper French press last year because I broke my previous small one. If you’re dying to have your own try this one or maybe this one. Since I have to take the time to make my coffee with a french press versus a regular drip coffee maker, it makes me slow down and wake up a little earlier. And I always enjoy my coffee because I made it exactly the way I wanted! 


2: Facial Toner Spray

I started using this facial toner about 6 months ago and it has been a refreshing change to my face care regime (and it smells AWESOME). Everyone and their mother is talking about all the chemicals/etc. that are in the skincare products we use. I definitely haven’t done a ton of research....but I did see this has red tea extracts and rose flower water so it can’t be as bad for me as my old Neutrogena harsh facial toner, right? I stumbled across this spray on Grove Collaborative, a small website that sells products that they back. What makes Grove Collaborative unique is that you can sign up for monthly subscriptions to items (similar to Amazon subscribe and save) and you get a discount on organic/safer products that end up being crazy expensive at Target. They also offer free shipping, so how could you not give it a shot!? Shoutout to my friend Anne White who introduced me to them! Here is where you can get yours!

Picture from  Amazon

Picture from Amazon

3: G-2 0.38

WOW. This pen is the best and only pen I use. I know lots of people who have their favorite pens. I was a G-2 0.5 user for the longest time and then some of my friends convinced me to try the 0.38 a few years ago and I’ve never looked back. It writes with the cleanest, smallest, most perfect lines and I won’t ever go back to anything thicker. Enough said. They are really hard to find at Target so I order mine here on Amazon. 


4: O-Ring

This is a LIFE changer my friends. Talk about making everything 3 steps easier. No more searching for your keys through your purse, pockets, or desk. The O-Ring acts as a bracelet and your keys/store tags are all attached! I am a Real Estate agent so I always found myself digging through my purse for a ridiculous amount of time after I would come out of a house while showing clients. Now I just wear my keys and it cuts down our time between showings! Now I can run into the grocery store purse free-I wear my keys on my wrist and credit card in my back pocket. It's also funny to watch Kit try to stuff the whole key contraption into his pocket when were on a date! Here is where you can get one! 

Why not give one of these a shot if you haven't already!?

MAUI: 5 favorite adventures

We had the privilege of traveling to Maui for 9 days this spring with my husband’s family to celebrate his grandmother’s 80th birthday! Louise, or Weezy as we call her, grew up on Maui and was the 3rd generation to be born in Hawaii so there is a lot of family history on the island! It was my first time and I had no idea what to expect. We did SO many incredible things, including the first day snorkeling right from the beach on our resort I saw 5 or 6 sea turtles within minutes and then saw a SHARK!


These were my 5 favorite activities we did (in no particular order), feel free to reach out through the contact tab for me to give you more details on any of these activities or other details on our trip!

1: Hula Girl Snorkeling Excursion

This was a really fun day trip. We got on the “Hula Girl” about a mile down the beach from our resort near Lahaina. The huge catamaran took us out for the day along the coast up to Honolua Bay where we snorkeled! Their chef made an INCREDIBLE lunch with a catch of the day option which I obviously tried. We snorkeled there for a while & swam after lunch before heading back with a beautiful sunset!

2: Driving the Road to Hana

Plan a whole day for this…seriously. The book said to and I didn’t really believe them. We were gone 14 hours and stopped at about 1/5 of the things we could do! Parts of the drive reminded me of driving on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. I would encourage you to do a little research before you go to see what you’d like to stop at. What is most important to you hiking? Waterfalls? Plan accordingly. We stopped at beaches with black sand, hiked to a couple of waterfalls, stopped at a local fruit stand for ginger lemonade and banana bread. Safe to say this was one of my favorite days of our trip! 

*Make sure you bring sunscreen, water, a towel, and cash!


3: Jumping off Black Rock

I love jumping into water and kind of have a weird excitement of jumping off high cliffs so this was really exciting. Black Rock was actually right around the corner from our resort so we snorkeled over there and then jumped off the rock. There are a couple different heights you can jump off of so if you don’t like heights no worries there are lots of different places you can jump!


4: Feast at Lele (Best Luau on Maui)

Kit surprised me and took me here for a date one night. It is best Luau on the Island we’ve been told. Kit went when he was younger with his family and remembered how incredible the performance was! We had a 5 course meal and each course corresponded to a different island and the traditions that came from that part of Hawaii’s tradition.



5: Haleakala Crater

There are no words for how magnificent the crater is.  Unfortunately now you have to make reservations months in advance if you want to go up for the sunrise now because of how many people want to go see it. We went up on a day that it was cloudy but we could still see as clouds came in and out. Make sure you bring water especially if you want to hike because the drive starts at sea level and then the top of the crater is 11,000 feet above sea level.


Weezy sent us this book for Christmas and I barely flipped through it until our flight. Since our longer flight was over 8 hours I read almost the whole thing on the way over and dog eared activities or places I wanted to see. I would suggest doing a little research before you head over to Hawaii because if not you could end up just sitting around thinking “these beaches are beautiful” and miss out on a lot of the history and unique topography that makes Hawaii so incredible!

Maui thank you for an INCREDIBLE trip we will be back!