MAUI: 5 favorite adventures

We had the privilege of traveling to Maui for 9 days this spring with my husband’s family to celebrate his grandmother’s 80th birthday! Louise, or Weezy as we call her, grew up on Maui and was the 3rd generation to be born in Hawaii so there is a lot of family history on the island! It was my first time and I had no idea what to expect. We did SO many incredible things, including the first day snorkeling right from the beach on our resort I saw 5 or 6 sea turtles within minutes and then saw a SHARK!


These were my 5 favorite activities we did (in no particular order), feel free to reach out through the contact tab for me to give you more details on any of these activities or other details on our trip!

1: Hula Girl Snorkeling Excursion

This was a really fun day trip. We got on the “Hula Girl” about a mile down the beach from our resort near Lahaina. The huge catamaran took us out for the day along the coast up to Honolua Bay where we snorkeled! Their chef made an INCREDIBLE lunch with a catch of the day option which I obviously tried. We snorkeled there for a while & swam after lunch before heading back with a beautiful sunset!

2: Driving the Road to Hana

Plan a whole day for this…seriously. The book said to and I didn’t really believe them. We were gone 14 hours and stopped at about 1/5 of the things we could do! Parts of the drive reminded me of driving on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. I would encourage you to do a little research before you go to see what you’d like to stop at. What is most important to you hiking? Waterfalls? Plan accordingly. We stopped at beaches with black sand, hiked to a couple of waterfalls, stopped at a local fruit stand for ginger lemonade and banana bread. Safe to say this was one of my favorite days of our trip! 

*Make sure you bring sunscreen, water, a towel, and cash!


3: Jumping off Black Rock

I love jumping into water and kind of have a weird excitement of jumping off high cliffs so this was really exciting. Black Rock was actually right around the corner from our resort so we snorkeled over there and then jumped off the rock. There are a couple different heights you can jump off of so if you don’t like heights no worries there are lots of different places you can jump!


4: Feast at Lele (Best Luau on Maui)

Kit surprised me and took me here for a date one night. It is best Luau on the Island we’ve been told. Kit went when he was younger with his family and remembered how incredible the performance was! We had a 5 course meal and each course corresponded to a different island and the traditions that came from that part of Hawaii’s tradition.



5: Haleakala Crater

There are no words for how magnificent the crater is.  Unfortunately now you have to make reservations months in advance if you want to go up for the sunrise now because of how many people want to go see it. We went up on a day that it was cloudy but we could still see as clouds came in and out. Make sure you bring water especially if you want to hike because the drive starts at sea level and then the top of the crater is 11,000 feet above sea level.


Weezy sent us this book for Christmas and I barely flipped through it until our flight. Since our longer flight was over 8 hours I read almost the whole thing on the way over and dog eared activities or places I wanted to see. I would suggest doing a little research before you head over to Hawaii because if not you could end up just sitting around thinking “these beaches are beautiful” and miss out on a lot of the history and unique topography that makes Hawaii so incredible!

Maui thank you for an INCREDIBLE trip we will be back!

DATE NIGHT: our tradition

When Kit and I first got married, we moved to Columbia to work for a non-profit outreach ministry called Young Life. We realized quickly that even though we were married and worked together, we didn’t get a lot of quality time together, just the two of us.


Once we realized that we had obligations most nights of the week, we decided to block of Thursday nights to have a date each week. Some weeks that looks like picking up sushi or grilling at home and watching a movie or riding our bikes at Clemson Extension and having a picnic.


But what we’ve really loved is exploring Columbia and trying new restaurants!  When we first moved here and Kit would meet friends for lunch he would ask them to pick a new local place that he hadn’t been yet.

My husband loves food. Seriously, he’ll try anything (except fruit but that’s another story).

We’ve fallen in love with a lot of the local restaurants in our town. If you have a favorite Columbia spot please let me know so that we can make sure we try it out!